Monday, March 24, 2014

what i'm reading :: pt 1

i have always been a reader of books. i have also always been a huge advocate of books on tape. and on top of that, i have a habit of re-reading books i love over and over and over. i would not hazard a guess at how many times i read esperanza rising in middle school. reading is just something that i do. i like to think that i am accepting of all types of people, but i have a hard time understanding people who just don't like to read recreationally. je ne comprends pas. but as they say, it takes all types. and i guess some of those types haven't read baudolino, to which i say...nothing, because people don't seem to like baudolino as much as, say, the name of the rose, in terms of umberto eco. but i digress.

this morning, i finished reading the secret history. i hadn't read a really good fiction book for a while (i've been on a non-fiction kick for the winter; i now have a weird amount of knowledge of the russian revolution and the hibernating habits of new england fauna) and thank god i decided to read this one because....right, THAT'S why fiction is so amazing!

next, i will be starting either alias grace (margaret atwood) or when we were orphans (kashuo ishiguro). i've read 2-3 other books by each of those authors, so i'm fairly familiar with their writing styles. i think i'll start the ishiguro first...

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